The staff of MHA appreciates the volunteers who make our efforts possible. If we are the foundation and backbone of our organization, then you are the life blood keeping it alive. Without you, we would not be able to do all that we do.

Why Volunteer

There are five great reasons to volunteer:

  1. Volunteering helps meet the needs of our clients and community
  2. Volunteering helps you make personal and business contacts
  3. Volunteering lets you share your skills or learn new skills
  4. Volunteering promotes good health, both physically and mentally
  5. Volunteering is fulfilling and fun

Ways to Volunteer at MHA:

  • Donate Funds, Food and Items for Our Programs
  • Assist with the Community Garden
  • Serve Food or Clean Up at Social Club
  • Participate in the Thumbody Special Program
  • Wrap Presents for Christmas Gift Lift
  • Assist in the Office

How to Volunteer at MHA:

Some of our programs may require an application, training, or a background check.

Please Contact us at 765.459.0309 to discuss current volunteering opportunities and requirements. We look forward to talking with you!